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Lucena MMG General Hospital Hemodialysis Unit is an accredited Center by DOH, Philhealth and RENAP since March 08, 2008. It is in its 8th year of continuous quality and excellent healthcare services to our clients. It offers both out-patient and in-patient hemodialysis services.

Dialysis Center is manned by 8 RENAP certified nurses who had their training at National Kidney Institute and Fresenius Medical Center.

10 + 1 Reasons Why MMG Hospital Hemodialysis Center is Your Preferred Facility

  1. The HD Center that offers the “Lowest Price Hemodialysis Treatment Fee”.
  2. Philhealth Coverage ensures “Zero Cash-Out” and includes either Epoietin Injection (any brand) or Monthly Routine Laboratory (a total of 45 sessions in 1 year).
  3. The center that supports “PCSO Grants” quarterly with 10 Hemodialysis Treatments per quarter (a total of 40 sessions in 1 year).
  4. The center that ensures patients’ safety as we have:
    • Machines dedicated for Hepatitis B and Infectious Cases solely and remaining machines for Non-Infectious Patients.
    • Automated Reprocessing of Dialyzers.
    • Proper labeling and storage of Dialyzers.
    • Digital Weighing Scale to properly assess weight gain for patients both ambulatory and non-ambulatory.
  5. Well-air conditioned center, Wifi Supported and Free TV viewing.
  6. “Complimentary Cakes” during Birthdays.
  7. “Free HD Treatments” during special events for loyal patients.
  8. “Free Dialyzer” as included in the package.
  9. Highly “Competent, Compassionate and Caring” staff nurses and nephrologists as certified by Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines and Philippine Society of Nephrologists and Highly Accommodating Hospital Personnel.
  10. Accredited Hemodialysis Facility by DOH, Philhealth, REDCOP, PSN, RENAP and other credentialing agencies.
Facilities and Equipments